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Cerita Kontot VI – The Cleveland Shiver

The Cleveland Shiver

The short walk to Lee Road Aikido dojo felt a rather long trail now with cumulative thick snow on the pavement of Coventry Road sticking on his high cut Nike boot. The time was 6:46 pm on his clock, but it was a pitch dark night of winter in late December.

“I have 14 more minutes before Jim Sensei’s aikido class,” murmured Zack.

“I should be on time if I run a bit,” he whispered.

Zack racked up his pace.

Just as he approached Coventry-Mayfield intersection, a bicycle, out of a sudden, passed by him.

The rider barely hit the brakes and skidded.

The bicycle hit the snowy field next to the only Jesuit church in Cleveland.

“Are you alright?” cried Zack as he approached the black hooded rider.

There was only deafening silence.  There was no car even.

The dimly lit street in this section of Cleveland Heights made it hard for Zack to see clearly.

“Err, are you ok sir?”

Zack walked closer, clueless as to what awaited him ahead.

A rush of fear enveloped Zack’s body all of the sudden. Zack felt a cold blood rushing through his body.

Still,  the hooded rider did not move.

Again, there was only deafening silence.


In a jolting moment, the seemingly unconscious, hooded rider swiftly leapt forward.  Zack froze.

A steel blade pierced through his lower left abdomen upward and exited near the right kidney.

He fell in a pool of his own blood as his life fled.


The Cleveland night shivered, alone.


[Inspiration from #tulis2014 and Lucy Rose’s Shiver]