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It is difficult being an introvert because the world is against you.

Even the converted introvert is against his or her roots, like an introvert writer or literary agent who seduces another solitary writer to shun the inner world and greet the outer world.

“You have to market yourself, else your book would not sell.” That’s the machination of the world bent on the autocracy of the extroverts.

The functioning, so-called civilised world is noisy and unfettered noise is an enemy to the introvert.

The world is like a vampire sucking the energy off and clamoring on the blood of an introvert.

On a sidenote, the extrovert is the vampire itself, living off the energy of every living things that emit noise.

But kumbhaka may save an introvert if he or she knows what to do.

The aim of kumbhaka is to finally hear the sound of the universe, the solitary sound, the deepest part of universe that speaks to the heart.

I discovered kumbhaka through yoga or yin yoga, but my current 70-day practise elucidates part of kumbhaka, while not saying that I have achieved one.

So, introverts unite, slay the vampire, wield your kumbhaka!