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Quick Guidance in Translating Preposition into Malay # 1 – AT

Preposition is one of many areas of difficulty for me to translate.

This quick guidance is gleamed from a lecture note based on a particular article.  I am still hunting the original article however, as it could not be located at the publisher’s site (strange, right?). Hence, I think my citation is incomplete or wrong, which is based on a work from the Internet.

The article is:

Mashudi Kader & Low Bee Eng, 1991, ‘Padanan Kata Depan dan Kata Sandang’, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Preposition #1 – AT

(a) if it refers to PLACE, then use DI or PADA

(b) if it refers to TIME, then use PADA

(c) if it refers to DIRECTION, then use KEPADA, or KE, or NO EQUIVALENCE (do not translate)

(d) if it refers to MEASUREMENT/STANDARD, then use TENTANG

(e) if it refers to CAUSE, then use KERANA/SEBAB or TENTANG

(f) if it refers to RATE, LEVEL or PRICE, then use PADA or DENGAN

(g) if it refers to targeted OBJECTIVE/OBJECT/FOCUS, then use NO EQUIVALENCE (do not translate).


I hope the above helps. Next entry will be preposition FOR.