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The Quickest Guide to Run a Complex Term Search on DBP’s PRPM

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka’s PRPM is the first and ultimate tool for an English/Bahasa Melayu translator like me.  However, in the earliest days, searching for lexical meaning of a word or term was rather daunting.  One has to go to advanced search page, or one level down to do complex searches.

In a course attended last year, a senior translator showed the class how to use it smartly, and probably the quickest (and dirtiest!) way to do complex search.

Here it is:

  1. Go to DBP’s PRPM site.
  2. Key in your term, an English term, say ‘translate‘ in the search box.
  3. Click CARI (or search) button. (This is a simple search procedure I have used in my earlier translation days!)
  4. If you are looking for terminological references, click ‘Istilah Malaysia‘ or ‘Istilah MABBIM‘.
  5. Again, find the search box on top of the page, and key in complex search.
  6. Just key in ‘translate‘, click spacing bar, then key in a Malay subject area term, e.g., ‘komputer‘ or ‘matematik‘.
  7. Clik CARI (or search) button.
  8. The search result will narrow down the search to find the ‘terminological’ definition in Computer or Mathematics.
  9. Again, click ‘Istilah Malaysia’ or ‘Istilah MABBIM‘ for a possible list.

At the page’s breadcrumb, the link for ‘Khidmat Nasihat‘ is also the most important link.  That page shows descriptions or answers from DBP regarding the correct or incorrect uses of a particular term or terminology.

You can run similar technique if you are using your Kamus Pro app on Android or iOS device.

This eases a translator’s work somehow.  Enjoy!