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Sample Literary Translation

This was a literary translation piece from a Malay passage during my early days being a translator. However, I have lost the source text. Enjoy.

“The corner of Pak Uda’s eyes kept staring was transfixed at the last, translucent drops of the morning dew.

The sunray was still gentle on his skin. It rose high in the sky, but for just about up to two poles now.

On the ground, a group of pigeons scurrying for food scraps started to peck the grass around the bonsai trees. At about the same time, a few black myna birds fought to grab a piece of small plastic.

“Mine, mine, mine,” they tweeted in their tongue, as if it was food.

A few steps away, a spotty cat was scavenging the garbage bin looking for food.

In front of the bonsai trees, there was an open field, separated by a small drain, normally used for parking vehicles.  It was no more filled to the brim, at that moment, as one by one, the vehicles cleared the field.

Pedestrians were also getting quite sparse. A few young children in uniform were seen walking and holding their parent’s hands. The foreign maids were also there to carry school bags of children in their charge. They muttered words incomprehensible to those around them. Yet, a group of five students was joking around, indifferent to those passers-by, pushing each other constantly.

Everything seemed to have its own beats.

But all of this did not sway the old man’s attention. He merely talked to the bonsai trees. He was remembering his daily routine. His was a sober moment.

His past ten year routine rarely changed. At six thirty sharp in the morning, he would walk behind them muted. Like being hypnotized, he blindly followed. No single word escaped his lips.”